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For the first time
Landowners with as little as 40 acres can now get paid for sustainable management practices
Until now, small landowners have been unable to participate in the carbon market.
That is about to change.
With our free digital platform, landowners will be able to receive payments for sustainable management that removes carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. By leveraging mapping technologies and our user-friendly online enrollment process, small landowners, families, and land trusts are now able to enroll all or a portion of their land holdings to receive carbon offset revenue.
Our story
Over the past 11 years, Finite Carbon has delivered over $500 million to landowners across America. Now, CORE Carbon will make it possible for small landowners to receive revenue from the sale of carbon offsets resulting from their long-term commitments to sustainable management.

CORE Carbon is coming soon.
If you are a landowner, consulting forester, a land trust, or a member of the media, and want to learn more about this upcoming opportunity please contact us. We will be sure to get in touch with you shortly.